Label: Independent

Genre: Electronic Rock/Downtempo

Hometown: Asheville, NC

Influences: Brazilian Girls, Zero 7, Little Dragon

Sounds Like: Bonobo, Massive Attack, Poolside

'Bobblehead' is the new single to be released by Asheville-based Third Nature off of their forthcoming self-titled album. Enlisting vivid imagery and an uplifting message, 'Bobblehead' invites the listener to break free of anxiety and loneliness and to come back home.

Set to undeniably groovy backbeat, the dark, brooding instrumental sections give way to an anthemic, inspiring chorus, brought home by the powerful vocals of Lilly-Anne Merat. Featuring Will Dowling (Bass), Merrick Noyes (Keys) and Tom Best (Drums), 'Bobblehead' is a one-two punch of heartfelt sentiment and an all out dance party.

Cover Photo & Design: Ariana Dixon


The musicianship – in particular the primary keyboard player – was first rate, and lead vocalist Lilly-Anne Merat...displayed her impressive singing ability… understated… subtle and alluring…

                                            -Bill Kopp,

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